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Quality of service  is our daily aim  in all our activities. The principle of our Quality policy is : a personalised attention to our customers, with  enthusiasm, and a  true  spirit of partnership. An inflexible demand for quality  from  our strategic partners and suppliers; many of whom  have been with us for many years and proved to be ethical and transparent in behaviour.

Quality needs  the  personal involvement of  each of the individuals of an organization.   The management is conscious of the importance of  each person’s responsibilty to provide  a quality and profesional attention to our customer and their business needs and to  actively  and innovatively strive for a continuous  improvement of the  working and personal  envitonment  of the employees while making sure that  the company   adheres at all times with the law and regulations of  each particular market.

With satisfied and motivated employees and strategic partners it is easier and safer to accomplish our mission: the satisfaction of our customers.   

Quality requires that the  Procedures and Standards  be  clearly defined and communicated to all employees. We need to identfy and assess the standard of  our employees, to enhance their performance  with  continuous educational programs and thus obtain better results for the clients and the company.

Quality  is best  provided with the full use of modern technology. A continuous improvement of our IT systems and   innovative initiatives  are  introduced in our daily work practice to better  provide  the specific needs and transportation requirements of  our clients.

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